I’m SM Sigerson, the author of
The Assassination of Michael Collins:
What Happened At Béal na mBláth?”

This is the first book dedicated to this famous “cold case” in decades; carrying on where  John Feehan’s landmark edition  of 1991 left off.

This book offers a startling new perspective on one of Irish history’s most notorious unsolved mysteries: the fatal shooting in 1922 of Michael Collins, Commander-in-Chief of newly-independent Ireland. Its controversial new reconstruction of events at Béal na mBláth may be shocking to some: yet demonstrably fits the known facts and eyewitness accounts.

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photo of Michael Collins' death mask

Michael Collins’ death mask

From the Introduction:
Why do we need to know?

“…There are those who disparage such inquiry. Some characterize this as raising bygone ghosts of a past era, needlessly re-hashing dead issues, etc. But the issues surrounding Michael Collins’ end are very far from closed.

The 26-county Republic of Ireland, and the 6-county Northern Ireland statelet, directly owe their ex-istence, their institutional structures, and much of their history, to Michael Collins’ life and times; to the controversies which culminated in his death; and to the travesties which his death enabled.

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The Assassination of Michael Collins:
What Happened At Béal na mBláth?
by S M Sigerson
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