21 January: The First Dáil & War of Independence

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On this date in 1919, Dáil na hÉireann, Ireland’s national legislature, met for the first time, as an outlawed body, in defiance of the British imperial establishment.  Michael Collins represented Cork South in the First Dáil; while also taking part in organizing the armed campaign for self-determination. (Excerpts from the book:) “On the day of […]

Lost letter from Collins to Kitty Kiernan

A “long-lost letter” from Michael Collins to his fiancé Kitty Kiernan  supports author’s contention about the role she played in the months leading up to his death


(Exceprts from the new book
“The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened at Béal na mBláth?”)

“… Some historians have been obliged to play down Michael’s fiancé, in order to support their theories about Lady Lavery, and about his death. 

There is no basis for the erroneous characterization of Ms Kiernan as politically naïve. . . .  Ms Kiernan was . . . unknown to the public, outside of her relationship with Collins.  Collins biographers seem to have written off Ms. Kiernan as clueless and useless politically, on this basis alone.   

Clearly Collins did not think so; as an attentive reading of their letters illustrates.
. . . On the contrary, as muse, hostess, networker, companion and confidante, the Kiernan sisters and their hotel may be called the Irish nationalist counterparts, of a London lady’s political salon.”

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Why do we need to understand how Collins died?

“History repeats itself.  As do the methods used by those specializing in the elimination of leaders who unite people into a strong force for dignity, justice and self-determination.”

“The Assassination of Michael Collins:
What Happened At Béal na mBláth?”

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