photo of Michael Collins' death mask

Michael Collins’ death mask

From the Introduction:
Why do we need to know?

“…There are those who disparage such inquiry. Some characterize this as raising bygone ghosts of a past era, needlessly re-hashing dead issues, etc. But the issues surrounding Michael Collins’ end are very far from closed.

The 26-county Republic of Ireland, and the 6-county Northern Ireland statelet, directly owe their ex-istence, their institutional structures, and much of their history, to Michael Collins’ life and times; to the controversies which culminated in his death; and to the travesties which his death enabled.

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The Assassination of Michael Collins:
What Happened At Béal na mBláth?
by S M Sigerson
Book cover image - The Assassination of Michael Collins - What Happened at Béal na mBláth

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From the Introduction

7 thoughts on “From the Introduction

  1. Diarmuid Ó Tuama says:

    Is this book available on book form? It looks very interesting.

  2. Hi Dearmuid. Not familiar with “book form”. Do you mean Book Forum?

    At the minute, this book is exclusively available on Amazon Kindle at this link:

    Thanks for your comment

    • Diarmuid Ó Tuama says:

      No, a hard copy. I don’t have a kindle. I agree that too many people accepted the story of Collins’ death without question. would love to get the book!!!

      • Working on bringing out a hard copy soon.
        In the book, a number of myths about Collins are examined.
        Myth number one is that there is any “official story”.
        There is none. Because there was never any official investigation into his death.

      • Diarmuid Ó Tuama says:

        I have written a book about The Civil War in Irish, Ón Chonradh go Saorstát, published by Coiscéim in Dublin and have a chapter on the shooting of Collins. I would be of the same mind as yourself.

      • Maith thú! Tá níos mó cupla focal agum. I’m afraid my Irish wouldn’t be good enough to read your book in the original.
        However, it happens I’d really like to translate mine into Irish. I couldn’t advance a fee. Probably my only hope is if someone will do it for a translator’s share of the sales. In view of the relatively small market, I might be prepared to offer the translator my share as well, just to have a version in Irish.

      • Diarmuid Ó Tuama says:

        Keep me in mind!

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