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The Assassination of Michael Collins
(What Happened At Béal na mBláth?)
by SM Sigerson


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Assassination of Michael Collins COVER

S. M. Sigerson’s work, obviously written from  the heart ,
is a valuable contribution to the literature on Michael Collins
and should be available in any self-respecting Irish library.”
Tim Pat Coogan

An in-depth study of the death of Michael Collins, a hero of the 1916 Easter Rising, leader of Ireland’s War of Independence, and one of the founders of the modern Republic of Ireland.

This book offers a startling new perspective on one of history’s most notorious unsolved mysteries: his fatal shooting in 1922, while Commander-in-Chief of newly-independent Ireland. Its controversial reconstruction of events at Béal na mBláth may be shocking to some: yet demonstrably fits the known facts and eyewitness accounts.

This is the first book on this famous “cold case” in decades; carrying on where John Feehan’s landmark edition of 1991 left off. It presents the most complete overview of the evidence ever published; as well as an itemized catalog of the various witnesses’ mutual contradictions and corroborations.

What people are saying:

It’s like a Dateline mystery! … As a history and mystery buff I couldn’t help but keep reading. The next twist would be the last before I put the book down and did whatever household chore or got some much-needed sleep.

“…delves beyond the official story of an ambush presenting a new picture …
If you have a history lover in your life,
it’s a perfect addition to any holiday gift list.
Rabid Readers Reviews, Best Reads of the Year
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“… a great read on a fascinating story …
The Assassination of Michael Collins is definitely a must-read if you have any interest in this period of Irish history, or … in Collins himself.
Readers’ Favorite
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“… reading about Collins assassination I found myself questioning … events described in the official story … require a more credible explanation.

“This new book provided the missing information.
… Beautifully written and compellingly argued
the author maintains a calm and persuasive presence never resorting to rancour… By the end I was convinced that the book contains more truth on what happened to Michael Collins on 22nd August 1922
than in any account published to date
Amazon customer review, M Ritchie
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About the author Photo of the author working on the book at desk

This is the first book about Michael Collins by an author with experience in security, party politics, and covert political abuses.

A lecturer in history and social anthropology, S M Sigerson has been active in NGOs, community groups, and electoral politics, throughout life; specializing in event security and public safety. A distant relation of the late Donn Piatt, she comes from a family which also has a long history of military service in various conflicts.

Since the 1970s, she has devoted on-going in-depth study to the subject of secretive interference in lawful political activity, including politically-motivated killings.

Her fascination with Michael Collins’ story inspired eleven years’ intensive research on his life and times; leading to her re-location to Ireland, and first-hand acquaintance with places, people and culture connected with him.

She is the first author to approach the enigma of Collins’ death, armed with this unique range of expertise.