The Curragh Mutiny: 100 years ago this week

The Curragh Mutiny was a major turning point in the struggle for Irish independence. 

“Home Rule”, a measure of increased self-determination for Ireland, had been pressed for in the British Parliament for decades.   As it seemed on the brink of fulfillment, there arose the prospect of violent resistance to Home Rule by unionists in the northeast of the country.  This in turn meant that the British Army might be required to enforce Irish self-determination, against violent factions who wanted direct rule from London. 

In the Curragh Mutiny, a number of British Army officers declared that they would resign, if ordered to use force against unionist paramilitaries. 

It was a major disaster for the British government, and for Home Rule.  It ultimately meant the defeat of efforts to win Irish independence by peaceful, constitutional means: and so set the stage for the War of Independence. 

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”  – John F Kennedy

What has the Curragh Mutiny to do with the death of Collins?
A chapter in the new book “
The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened at Béal na mBláth?”  re-examines events leading up to Collins’ death, and linked to the Mutiny.  

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