Conversing with our History

This totally awesome poem may be best thing I’ve read so far about 1916 and its Centenary. Bravo Stephen O’Brien!


How would they react,

Our Nation’s heroes,

If they could see our world?

And how would we act,

Walking their streets?

Would it mirror imagination?

Would they rejoice,

To see their flag flying,

In the Garden that we planted?

Or would they see our success,

A nation of numbers,

And lament their failed ambitions?

Would we shake the hands,

Of the names we’ve learned,

If we met them by the Liffey?

Or would their ancient minds,

Without the lessons of time,

Seem alien to our notions?

If we shopped their streets,

Would we love their war,

Their chaos and their cause?

Would they like our lifestyle,

And feel connected,

To the place we have in the world?

Would they look at Enda.

Take up their swords,

And declare a Second Republic?

Or would they happily settle,

For relative comfort,

Content with being contented?

How would their troubles,

Compare with our…

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