Why do we need to know how Michael Collns died?

aerial photo of Béal na mBláth

Béal na mBláth (courtesy of the Ordinance Survey Ireland www.osi.ie)

On the anniversary of the ambush at Béal na mBláth, we ponder the meaning of Collins’ life and death.

Remember the Annual Béal na mBláth Commemoration is this Sunday 24 August.  (See previous blog post of 5 August, below for full details.)

Excerpt from the book:

Tim Pat Coogan introduces his discussion of Béal na mBláth with a lament that “It is a perversion of Collins’ significance to Irish history that the circumstances of his death … should have come almost to overshadow the significance of his life.” Yet it is the special importance of his life, which makes it necessary to answer the questions surrounding his death.

That one man’s death could change the future is astounding. How and why we lost such a man, is as important as any other question. If there is any perversion, it is the failure to fully account for the nation’s terrible loss, of the man they needed most, at the moment he was most needed. It may not be in our power to make another like him. What we might learn from this story, should we ever get such a one again, is how we could better manage to keep him. Certainly that is a lesson worth studying.

Read more:

“The Assassination of Michael Collins:
What Happened At Béal na mBláth?”
by S M Sigerson

Paperback or Kindle edition here:

For all other e-reader formats: 

Or ask at your local bookshop

 Visit the Commemoration webiste:

Commemorative edition: 90th Anniversary pictorial history

Michael Collins: a biography by Tim Pat Coogan


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