How and Why Did the Civil War Start?

photo of bombardment of Four Courts 1922

The Four Courts siege 1922

28 June marks the commencement of the Civil War in Ireland, 1922-23.


A chapter in the book examines these events, which directly led to the death of Collins


The Civil War by no means broke out instantaneously or thoughtlessly. Tremendous efforts were carried on, for months on end, to avert the outbreak of hostilities. … Many strove desparately to find some means of going forward without civil conflict.


… No war ever begins for just one reason. All the factors set forth so far … may be seen as a powder keg: the explosive elements which placed the country in danger of war breaking out. In that sense, the occupation of Four Courts was the fuse, and the assassination of Sir Henry Wilson the spark, which together set off the conflagration; which cost so many lives, and broke out afresh in the northern Troubles of the 1970s – 1990s.”


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 “The Assassination of Michael Collins:
What Happened At Béal na mBláth?”
by S M Sigerson


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