Ballots … and bullets



Electoral democracy provides for periodic, peaceful transference of power, from one political party to another, according to the people’s choice: society free from political warfare.

Do elections really matter? Political violence, aimed at influencing election outcomes, would seem to prove that they matter very much indeed.

 Some excerpts from the book on this subject:

It is in the interests of entrenched political establishments, to encourage a general disbelief that any politician is going to be different. A general hopelessness that anything can change, is advantageous to the status quo.

“Such inertia keeps people away from the polls: they don’t bother to vote. This is good for entrenched establishments. The fewer people vote, the more likely that the usual suspects will keep their seats. Large voter turn-outs are generally good news for progressives, bad news for conservatives. When the public perceives a chance for positive improvements, when a candidate stands out as offering something genuinely valuable and innovative; when the public imagination is fired: then they stand up to be counted.

“It is therefore definitely in the interests of some political elements to discourage this sort of thing. Government by assassination is the most extreme form of that strategy. It is one very destructive and dangerous way to make sure that there will be only one kind of candidate.

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“The Assassination of Michael Collins:
What Happened At Béal na mBláth?”
by S M Sigerson

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