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“The Assassination of Michael Collins
What Happened At B
éal na mBláth?”

by SM Sigerson

This is the first book dedicated to this famous “cold case” since John Feehan’s landmark study of 1981. It presents the most complete overview of the evidence ever published; as well as an itemized catalogue of the various witnesses’ mutual contradictions and corroborations.

5 thoughts on “Paperback now available online!

  1. Pat O'Connell says:

    Fr Patrick J Twohig wrote/published his book about Béal na Bláth in 1991.
    How can you say your book is the first on the subject since Feehan’s?
    I bought your book last week. Look forward to reading it.

    • Hello
      Thanks for your interest in the book, and in Michael Collins’ story.

      Yes of course, you’re right, about Fr Twohig’s book of 1991; and there’s much in it to admire.

      However, while his book is certainly about Béal na mBláth, you’ll forgive me for not thinking of it as a methodical investigation, per se, like Feehan’s or like T P Coogan’s biography.

      With all due respect, I think of “The Dark Secret” as a work of a different kind. It’s a work a of art. It’s a work of the heart. It’s almost a poem. It includes some excellent research; but it’s also a compilation of folklore. It’s important for the very reason that it includes every wild rumour and anecdote on the subject. But forgive me for not thinking of it as a strictly factual investigation.

      I think of Feehan’s book as the first and heretofore last previous attempt to carefully disentangle fact from fiction in Collins’ death. That’s the work I’ve tried to carry on; as a case of political criminology.

      I look forward to hearing more of your comments after you’ve read it.

  2. Pat O'Connell says:

    Fr Patrick Twohig published “The Dark Secret of Bealnablath” in 1991. Is there a reason you don’t mention that?

    • Dear Pat,
      With your comments fresh in my mind, I was just reviewing the description of my book “The Assassination of Michael Collins: What Happened at Béal na mBláth?”

      With deference to Fr Twohig’s “Dark Secret…” I’ve revised it as follows: “This is the first book on this famous “cold case” to carry on where John Feehan’s landmark study of 1981 left off.”

      Hope you’ll think this fair enough. Thanks again for your feedback, and your interest in this history. Looking forward to your comments when you’ve read it.

      S M Sigerson

  3. breda crowley says:

    thank you for your letter on your book would be anxious to sell your book in my café MICHAEL COLLINS CAFE AND GIFT SHOP

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